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youtube vanced

The YouTube Vanced APK is the best way to watch videos and podcasts. It allows you to customize the settings of the video playback. Depending on your device, you can force H264 on older devices or VP9 on newer ones. This app also supports HDR, HDC, and cinematic experience. Download the APK from XDA and install it. It will help you get the best video resolution for your device.

The Secret Of How To Use The YouTube Vanced APK

After installing the YouTube Vanced app, open the YouTube application and open the Settings menu. Select the “Sponsor Block” option to skip advertisements in videos. This feature works best with popular channels where sponsors are visible in video content. You can also change the video quality, overriding the maximum resolution of your device. This feature is especially useful for watching HD or 4K videos. Unlike the official YouTube app, you can even download music in categories.

The YouTube Vanced application is easy to install. To use it, simply install the latest version of your Android phone or tablet. Once you’ve installed the application, you’ll see a similar interface to the YouTube app. From here, you can access the settings. On the Settings tab, go to “Sponsor Block” to skip sponsored messages in videos. This feature is best for popular channels that use sponsorship messages. In addition, you can change the quality of the video. You can override the maximum video resolution on your device.

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