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DeSigns By Joe has been making great work since 1987. The founder and CEO is Joe Miler. He studied at San Jose State University and is a member of the board of directors for Works/San Jose. He has also served on the boards of the Poetry Center San Jose and AIGA SF. He believes that design should be a creative process and he strives to do just that. At the heart of the company is the ability to combine letters and images to create memorable and creative work. How to Know About DeSigns By Joe The business owner, Joe Parr, is a classically trained industrial designer who has led design projects for a variety of companies. His work spans from print to digital and everything in between. The founder of a design agency, Joe Parr focuses on creating products that people will love. His work is widely sought after and he is often praised for his innovative use of proprietary mix materials. In addition, he loves to play guitar and plays in the band Gas Huffer. The company was established in 2007 by former Burson-Marsteller senior designer Joe Miller. It has clients ranging from regional cultural institutions to multinational technology companies. The work of DeSigns By Joseph has been featured in national exhibitions and won awards from a variety of organizations. The company's logo has been featured in numerous publications and has been included in national competitions. As a result, it is one of the most respected design firms in the United States.