Bathroom waterproofing products are getting more popular in homes all across America. People are starting to see the benefits that they can offer to people in terms of home improvement and maintenance. Most people who have bathrooms at their homes will tell you that they wish that there was some way that they could prevent all of the problems that they encounter with their bathrooms, such as leaks. People also realize that if they do not waterproof their bathrooms on a regular basis, they will likely start to notice some serious damage that can start to erode the value of their home. The importance of choosing the right bathroom waterproofing products is one that should not be overlooked when trying to improve your home. Why need Bathroom Waterproofing Products   The most common type of bathroom waterproofing products that people purchase are sealants and bitumen membranes. Sealants are designed to make it so that the water from the bathroom does not have an exit point and goes directly into the basement or another dry area. These products are a little bit more expensive than other types of products, but if you want to avoid having to replace your gutters and drainage, sealing the walls is the best way to do it. A bitumen membrane is a similar product that comes in two different types, a black bitumen membrane and a white bitumen membrane. These two types both use a high grade of synthetic material that is designed to stop any leaking that is in your bathroom Another commonly used bathroom waterproofing products is a system for reducing any leaking that may occur and reducing any damage that may occur as a result. There is a very effective system available called the French drain system. This system is a one of a kind system that uses a very unique set of materials that is designed to prevent any leaking and to also help with any damages that may occur as a result of any leaking.